A company that implements
human health and happiness

The next-generation biotechnology-seeking
venture company PDXen

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MRD Isolation Service

Maximization of chemotherapy
through separation of fine residual cancer in blood

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3D Stem Cell Culture System

3D cell culture structure matching similar conditions in vivo
Stable tertiary structure for smooth interaction of cells

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BMAP Service

Biological interaction visualization tool of Pubmed

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Genome Isolation Service

Find Functional Variation of DNA Sequence and Analyze Genetic Variation by Database

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Bio Deep Learning Service

Provide infrastructure cost savings and faster data analysis services

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The next-generation biotechnology-seeking venture company

PDXen is a venture company founded in 2013 and pursuingthe next generation of biotechnology, hoping to become a global company that embodies the health and happiness of mankind based on biotechnology.

차세대 생명공학을 추구하는 벤처회사 피디젠

피디젠은 생명공학기술을 바탕으로 인류의 건강과 행복을 구현하는 세계적인 기업을 꿈꾸며 2013년에 설립된 회사로 차세대 생명공학을 추구하는 벤처회사입니다.

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